NEWS - I'm working on a new spin off to Astro Space Hero called Astro Zap Kaboom...think of it as astro space hero with elements of David Lynch.  It stars the beautiful and talented Tucky Williams.  Season one is on amazon prime.    I'm also producing Dr. Tyranny's Terrible TV for INC Roku.


Astro Zap Kaboom on Amazon video
Astro Space Hero episodes on youtube playlist.
Astro Space Hero is a web series based out of Kentucky from director Jerry Williams (Purvos, UFO crash in Kentucky, Zeppo: Sinners from beyond the moon).  A zerp budget homage to the early days of science fiction on television (Space Patrol, Captain Z Ro, Buss Cory, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and more).

Now in its 10th season... you can watch all of the past nine seasons on Amazon Video 

Astro Space Hero has fans across the globe who the bizarre junk cinema approach by filmmaker Jerry Williams.  Please check out the show and its more naughty spin off 'Space Bro'